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Loch Leven Lodges is a holiday park located in Findatie, Kinross, Leven, Scotland. The park offers a range of l luxury lodges. The park is situated on the banks of Loch Leven, a large loch in Scotland. The local area is also home to a number of historic and cultural attractions, including the Loch Leven Heritage Trail, which offers a glimpse into the area’s rich history, and the nearby towns of Kinross and Leven, which offer a range of shops, restaurants, and pubs. Additionally, the park is ideally located for exploring the beautiful Scottish countryside, with a range of outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and golfing available in the surrounding area. The closest airport is Edinburgh Airport which is only 30 minutes away. The Scottish Gliding Centre is located right next to Loch Leven Lodges

Local Attractions

Loch Leven Heritage Trail

The Loch Leven Heritage Trail is a circular path of 13 miles / 21 km around the loch. As it is level and barrier-free for most of its length, it is suitable for walkers of all ages and abilities, for cyclists, for wheelchair and motorised scooter users.

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Bird Watching

Set on the southern shore of the loch, this nature reserve offers a great day out for families, nature lovers and wildlife watchers alike. Ospreys visit the loch to fish during the summer, while up to 20,000 pink-footed geese fly in from Iceland come autumn.

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Stenhouse trout fishery is a 35 acre loch which is set in a scenic rural location with spectacular views. Sited two miles north of Burntisland on the A909, this loch is convenient for all the major urban areas of Fife and beyond, and also for the major holiday resort of Kinghorn. For a period of 90 years, the loch was part of the Fife water supply system until it was decommissioned in the 1990’s. Wading is popular and fruitful, the best areas being the Dam Wall and the South Shore. The North Shore has seen a dramatic improvement in recent years, and is well worth a go! The loch is full of aquatic food items for the fish which promotes a high growth rate. Sedge larvae, midge, caenis, shrimp and snails – and hatches can be spectacular. At such times, being afloat and mobile offers the best opportunities. Stenhouse is regularly stocked with high quality Rainbow trout weighing between two and six lbs, although double figure fish are also stocked regularly. Additionally, the loch contains native brown trout, averaging between 2 – 6 lbs. It is not unknown for a catch to be in double figures. Fishing is by fly only, from both bank and boat. The loch is open all year round, weather conditions permitting.

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Gliding is unusual in that although it could hardly be more of a solo sport, it engenders a real club atmosphere because you just can’t do it alone (strictly speaking that’s not true – a self-launching motorised glider can be operated single-handed but most people don’t have one of those). It takes a team to prepare gliders for flight, man the winch or tug aircraft, run the launch-points and generally help around; and although the club has a small professional staff most of the flying-related activities are handled by the members. All sorts of people take up gliding, from teenagers to the retired, both sexes. No especial level of fitness or technical ability is needed to fly a glider. If you’re fit enough to drive, you’re fit enough to glide and just as you don’t need to know anything about mechanics to drive a car, so you don’t need to be an aeronautics expert to fly a glider.

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Fife is one of the most sought after golfing destinations in the world. From the world famous Old Course at St Andrews, to the rolling fairways of Ladybank, the region is spoiled with over 50 delightful golfing experiences. Only 40 minutes drive from Edinburgh Airport and with excellent road links, all courses are a short drive from your base.

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On The Road

Get On Track with your own car or bike! Ever wondered what it would be like to roar round the famous Knockhill Circuit in your own car or on your own bike? Our track days give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy yourself in your own car or on your own bike in a safe controlled environment away from the public highway. The events scheduled promises to deliver the best schedule ever at Knockhill. There is sure to be something for everyone!

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Wildlife is an important aspect of visiting the region, much of which can be discovered while walking through Fife’s countryside and along its coastline. Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve combines both forests with beaches, where everything from roe deer to seals basking on rocks and sand dunes can be seen while strolling along its waymarked trails. In the mouth of the Firth of Forth lies the Isle of May, an important seabird colony with a dark past. Casting off from the pier at Anstruther, you can explore the nooks and crannies of this small island after a short boat journey and unearth its Viking past and the caves which attracted smugglers to its shores.

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Hill Walking

Within easy reach of the cities, this part of Fife has a distinctive character and has much to offer the walker and the casual visitor. The ports of the East Neuk of Fife were described by King James I as the Fringe of Gold to his beggars mantle of a country.

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